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"In third grade, my son did a yearlong unit on the Hudson River and the Lenape tribe. It was an amazing curriculum. He took four field trips, and covered it from all perspectives –from biology, to history, and even a focus on fiction and nonfiction stories. A year later, he still talks about it. It's something he's going to know about forever. If my family is having such a great experience at Trevor, I want other families to have that same great experience. I enjoy giving back and I know it makes a difference." – Marianne Jones mother of fourth and first graders "Consider this: Eighty families giving $50 annually over the course of ten years –this can underwrite a year's tuition for a child who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to go to Trevor. at's tangible. at's impactful. inking about it cumulatively, our gifts – no matter the size –can all make a huge difference in the scheme of the community." – Janice Heine mother of twelfth and tenth graders " Outstanding teachers–they are the lifeblood of this school. Being able to attract and retain our exceptional faculty is why I give my time and my financial support. e Annual Fund makes a direct impact on the school. A well-supported faculty, who are offered real resources for professional development and encouraged to make curricular advancements–that can make all the difference. We can all be a part of making Trevor the best place for our kids by supporting the faculty." – Anne Haubenstricker, trustee and mother of a ninth grader and a kindergartener every gift to the annual Fund–no matter the amount– makes a real difference because of the importance of participation. Much like learning at Trevor, these contributions build upon each other, and achieve an outcome far greater than any one part. Please join us and the 88% of Trevor parents who supported the Annual fund last year. ank you for doing your part: e Trevor annual Fund: What's the difference? You may know that the Annual Fund makes up the difference between tuition revenue and the full cost of a Trevor education. But what does that really mean? and what difference does it make for our children? our three Annual fund co-chairs explain why they give.

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