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Our Mission Our Vision An independent, Nursery through Grade 12 coeducational day school, Trevor Day School educates college-bound students to achieve academic and personal excellence in an inquiry-driven, idea-rich community. Trevor celebrates diversity of thought, experiences, and culture; promotes compassion, collaboration, courage, and creativity; and develops in children a recognition of their own unique potential as lifelong learners and leaders who act as responsible global citizens in our world. Trevor Day School will graduate students who: • face challenges with self-confidence and a willingness to risk failure • approach new ideas and experiences openly • think flexibly in problem-solving • adopt innovative technologies and methodologies readily • assess and synthesize information critically • communicate with respect for content, form, and audience • work independently as well as collaboratively • act responsibly as global citizens • value lifelong learning Our Pedagogy In our learning community, we value: • diversity of ideas, ways of learning, experiences, and cultures • trust in the members of our community • teamwork and strong relationships • personal growth • passion for learning In our teaching, we value: • responsiveness to the individual as well as the group • creative and hands-on activities that engage students • thoughtful innovation • critical and creative thinking Our Values Students at Trevor acquire a deep understanding of the subjects they study by engaging in investigations, activities, and highly contextualized discussions and lessons. Rather than reciting facts or following a predetermined path to a solution, students construct knowledge by grappling with essential questions and real-world concepts. In this process, the teacher acts as a guide and a facilitator, encouraging higher-order thinking and providing information and scaffolding as needed. We call this inquiry-based learning, and students who are educated this way develop lifelong processes, habits of mind, and love for learning that serves them into college and beyond. Cover image: Class of 2017 graduates Bella Newman and Ambia Elias share part of their Bridge project— digital marketing efforts on behalf of Wildlife Tomorrow Fund.

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